Hazel Spencer

Hazel Spencer

Basic Intro to Weaving and Dressing yourself from Your small Loom

Saturday June 10th 9am-12 noon
$40.00 not including small loom
There seems to be a lot of interest in using small, hand held looms in making clothing for adults and children.
We would start by making basic continuous strand bias weaving, then offer an introduction to making clothing.
We would be looking at construction methods from hand stitching to machine sewing, plus pattern construction and how to fit a pattern to yourself or another, as well as how to handle your fabric for machine sewing.
We would cover loom formed clothing as well as well as cut and sew projects. We will look at seaming techniques, edgings, weaving stitch patterns, information on how to make or modify clothing patterns, and such details of construction as would be needed to make your own garments at home.
Materials required: Yarn needle; long sewing pins;measuring tape; pencils notebook; scissors; loom.
You may bring any loom measuring 3 1/2″ to 7″ square. A loom also may be purchased at class. A sewing pattern of a plain shirt or a simple T-shirt that fits well would be helpful.
Hazel Spencer is owner, with her husband Randy, of Hazel Rose Looms, and has been making and selling looms worldwide since Oct of 2000. She taught weaving and other fiber arts to all grades, K-8th, for 17 years. hazel has been teaching weaving on the internet, at her booth at fairs, plus adult weaving classes at Lambtown and Fiber Mania. Making clothing and other useful items from hand woven fabric is her favorite pastime.

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