Joan’s classes for the 2017 Festival

Weave an Artistic Tapestry Beaded Bag
Sunday June 11th 9am-5pm

$125.00 includes both kits.

This full day class is perfect for a person who has never woven, as well as the experienced weaver. Students learn both tapestry weaving techniques and weaving with beads. Each student receives both a Crosspatch Lap Loom kit with a wood loom, hardwood batten and fork beater and a Tapestry Beaded Bag kit, which includes a wool warp, twelve different weft yarns, seed beads, beading needles and beading thread, interfacing, lining and bag backing fabric. There is enough yarns to make two small decorative bags.

The kits also include weaving and sewing instructions with diagrams.

No weaving experience needed.

Joan Contraman

Knitting a Fabulous Silk Scarf

Friday June 9th 2pm-5pm


Students will explore how to make their own “yarn” from silk caps or hankies to make a beautiful light-weight, hand-knit 100% silk scarf.

Several color ways will be available to for participants to make either a wide scarf or two narrow scarves.

Each student will also receive the original Crosspatch Creations knitting pattern with “yarn” directions.

Students will need to bring one set of straight wooden or bamboo size USA #9 needles.

Joan Contrman

Spinning Down Fibers on a Charkha

Friday June 9th 9am-12 noon

$80.00 includes fiber and shawl pattern.

Down fibers are like spinning a cloud! They are ultra -soft, extremely warm and luxurious. Students will learn about down fibers, how they are harvested, which animals product them and why they are so expensive.

Because these are relatively short fibers, they are particularly suited for spinning on a Charkha.

Students will learn how to draft and spin on a Charkha. Students will spin cashmere, yak and camel down in class. Each class participant will also receive a kit with either camel down or yak down to spin and make a lace weight shawl at home!

If you have either the Ashford or Crosspatch Charkha, please bring it to class.

If you do not have one, one will be loaned to you for your use.

If after class students wish to purchase a charkha, they may do so at a discounted price.

Class level – intermediate to advanced spinning level.

Joan Contarman

How to Spin Self Striping Socks

Saturday June 10th 2pm-5pm

$60.00 includes kit and pattern

Students will learn an easy way to spin and knit self -striping socks. Each student will receive a fiber blend kit and original Crosspatch Creations knitting pattern. Students will learn how to divide their fiber to make matching socks. How to spin to gauge with one single spun medium weight and one very thin for a yarn that will match the gauge needed to complete their sock project.

Students will need to bring their spinning wheel, lazy Kate and three bobbins.

Joan Contraman

How to Make Colorful Fiber Blends

Saturday June 10th 9am-12 noon


Crosspatch Creations is nationally known for its beautiful fiber blended batts, that product lovely designer yarns, when spun.

Now you have an opportunity to learn how to make lovely blends of your own!

Learn where to gather color inspiration, which colors make colors pop and which tone down other colors and much, much more. Blends will be made on drum carders and students will be working in teams.

Please let the registrar know, if you have a drum carder and can bring it to class. Students will receive all the fibers they use in class including many exotic fibers, such as silk, viscose, etc. as well as an original Crosspatch Creations shawl knitting pattern.

Students will need to bring a drum carder if they have one and let the register know when they sign up.